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VRS-4040-PI VSTi

 VRS-4040-PI VSTi
Sonic at Work АРС - 4040 Виртуальный Syntheziser является так называемый "Rompler" synthesizer.It оснащен 4-Слоты PCM (PCM-Осцилляторы).
Акустический рояль, акустическая гитара, латунь, бас,струны, флейты, органа и т. д.

The VRS-4040-PI is a virtual "Rompler" PCM with 4 slots (PCM oscillators) equipped with 17 waveforms. By mixing (layers) of these waveforms, and the setting of the volume combined together with the VRS 4040PI the simplest way Sound Design operated. However, if you prefer to produce sounds mhte work has included the 28 presets to kgreifen. To further shaping sound, there are more synthesis tools such as a separate ADSR curve per PCM slot, a global 24dB multimode filter,a MIDI
Synced LFO, Glide (portamento), Single mode, Velocity,a MIDI synced Delay effect and a reverb The VRS is a versatile 4040PI to use sound module.

It can produce sounds like standard pianos, strings, brass, bass,
wind, etc., as well

Cool synth sounds and moving Flhen.

differences of the Pro Version, the VRS-4040:

- 127 included waveforms instead of 17 in the PI version
- About 150 presets instead of 28 in the PI version
- rechargable waveforms in SF2 format (the version garnicht PI)
STS-24 PI Edition Key Features:

• 4 PCM slots (PCM OSCs)
• Own-amp ADSR H ? lkurve f ? every 4 PCM slots
• Kenvolume and Fine-Tune knob f ? every 4 PCM slots
• Notenweise octaves and resentment of each PCM slots

• Global, zuschaltbares 24dB multimode filter with

- low-pass,
- high-pass,
- band pass,
- Band reject

• Filter ADSR H ? lkurve
• Glide (portamento)
• Single mode
• Velocity (defeatable)
• MIDI synced LFO
• MIDI synced Delay Effect
• Reverb effect

Размер: 10 mb

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