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Ueberschall - Liquid Instruments Electrolines (VSTi DXi RTAS AU - 1DVD HYBRiD PC MAC)
Ueberschall - Liquid Instruments Electrolines (VSTi DXi RTAS AU - 1DVD HYBRiD PC MAC)

Библиотека для создания Electro House, Electronica, Minimal, Progressive House, Trance, Tech House and Drum&Bass.Создавая Liquid Instrument Series (L.I.S) , компания Ueberschall близко сотрудничала с Celemony , создателями программы Melodyne , технологии которой воплощаются в этой серии инструментов. Это дает большую свободу при работе с засемплированным звуком какого-либо инструментa.
Основные характеристики: работа с аудио материалом схожа с управлением миди данными возможность изменения одной или нескольких нот в записанной фразе,широкий диапазон звука управление всеми параметрами в реальном времени,возможность управления всеми параметрами по миди.
Поддерживается синхронизация с темпом хост-программы. Программу можно использовать автономно(StandAlone) или как плагин формата VST, RTAS, AU.

The Liquid library ELECTROLINES delivers 78 themes and over 1000 analog synth sequences. Every single theme consists of leads, basses and effects, which are different in terms of filter movement, sound and groove.

Shape, Layer and Jell
This material can be used as a main melody, backing or fill-in. It‘s also compatible with diverse commercial / professional environments and tracking needs. All cuts have been sculpted especially for electronic music genres like Electro House, Electronica, Minimal, Progressive House, Trance, Tech House and Drum&Bass, to name a few.
ELECTROLINES was produced solely with analogue synthesizers and signal processing gear. A couple examples include:
Moog Voyager, Alesis Andromeda, Omega 8, Se-1x, Sh 101, Korg Monopoly, Oberheim Xpander & Ob-MX.

The Liquid-Player engine makes it possible easily alter the provided content. Change the key, tempo, pitch, or formants of whole melodies or single notes in only a few steps. It also allows you to switch the starting and end points.

Create the next catchy Clubtune at supersonic speed!

800 MB, 1024 Bass and Lead Lines
Liquid Soundbank for Mac/PC/AU/VST/RTAS
Liquid Player included - no sampler required!

- control audio material as simply as midi data
- change notes within the phrase
- adapt tempo and key
- select from a wide range of musical scales
- control all parameters in realtime
- pre-screening with adapted pitch and tempo
- easily generate your individual setup
- high quality Melodyne technology
- multiple content management
- edit start and ending
- quick sound browser
- all parameters midi controllable
- save audio of original and modified loops
- export to midi
- sync to host
- great bandwidth of styles
- highest quality recording equipment
- Размер:1.5 Gb

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