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FXpansion GURU 1.6.12 PC and Mac with keygen
FXpansion GURU 1.6.12 PC and Mac with keygen

GURU is a beatbox plug-in that offers advanced step sequencing, groove manipulation, sample editing, and beat slicing.


* Advanced Step Sequencer - 128 steps, 16 channels, 24 memories per engine, full graphical automation, MIDI remote control, independent tempo multipliers, real-time and step recording with undo.
* Automated sample slicing, classification and pad mapping (kick, snare, hat, percussion) with manual slice-tuning capability.
* Can load audio loops (WAV/AIFF/REX), MIDI loops, single-hits, complete kits, pattern banks.
* 8 Engines, each comprising:
o 16 MIDI-triggered Sample Pads.
o Powerful step-sequencer with up to 128 steps.
o 24 MIDI-triggered Patterns.
o Three Aux effects units.
o Master effects unit.
* Intuitive mixer view offering a convenient overview of all 8 engines.
* Flexible groove/shuffle control for patterns - take the groove of one MIDI file and apply it in real-time to another.
* Comprehensive Pad Editor offering individual control of the following for each pad:
o Gain, pan, coarse/fine tune.
o Resonant filter blend between LP/BP/HP.
o 3 Aux sends and an Insert effect slot.
o Start/end point adjust.
o Amp/FX envelope.
o 8 velocity cross-fade layers.
o Cut groups (choke groups).

New in GURU 1.6 :

GURU version 1.6 is a free upgrade to all GURU version 1.x registered users and incorporates key new features and fixes.

* Note repeat , note erase and fixed-level triggering for the pads
* Looping and phase flip per layer
* Patterns can now be up to 16 pages (512 steps) long (increased from 4 pages)
* 16 stereo outputs (increased from 8)
* Instant graph record from MIDI CC
* Skinning support
* various workflow and midi implementation enhancements (improvements to midi remote control, layer context menus etc.)
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